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Woman in the woods thinking about her support program with Amy.


Come back to who you are or grow into who you are meant to be through our support program. Using the Enneagram and other tools, we can help you identify what is meaningful to you, where your core motivations lie, and what may be holding you back from genuine connection (with yourself, others, and your purpose).

When we experience a significant life event, positive or negative, it often changes how we see and respond to the world. It can feel like we’re lost, disoriented and “not ourselves.” Sometimes we need some help, a roadmap, to help us to understand our reactions and emotions. During these times, the Enneagram can be a helpful tool to help us become more self-aware and deliberate in the choices we make moving forward.



The Enneagram is a dynamic personality system that integrates psychology, somatics (body work) and spirituality. Enneagram comes from the Greek (“ennea” = nine, “gram” = picture/figure) and is a map of nine different Types or ways of seeing the world. Each of the nine “types” has a specific story that defines what they pay attention to and what motivates them. Unlike other personality theories, the Enneagram is not about labelling behaviour but instead considers our motivation and what we seek to gain through our actions. This focus can help us understand how we show up in growth and how we react to stress.  

Using the modern Enneagram as a tool, we can work through the fog to discover what motivates you, what you’re paying attention to in your environment, and how to let go of what isn’t working for you to come closer to what you genuinely want.  

If you’re unsure about your Enneagram Type, we can sit down for a 50-minute Enneagram Typing interview.